Price: $200 (+$300 for optional data moving service)

Maintenance upgrades are always free, but occasionally there is a much more comprehensive upgrade that includes new features and other enhancements.  The current Release V5.0 is such a case as it has significant changes (see below).

Also, in V5.0 the data structures were changed significantly so it is not possible to supply you with an upgrade that includes any of your data, meaning you would need to re-enter all of your events, structures, payout tables and banners.  However, you have the option to pay a service fee and have us do it for you.

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If you have a PayPal account, simply pay via PayPal transfer.

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After your payment has been successfully processed, you will be contacted by email within 24 hours with details of how to send your old data. If you haven't heard back by then, please send a reminder to

Thank you for your purchase of "The Clock".

Some of the new features in “The Clock” Pro Edition V5.0 (when upgrading from Version 4.x):

1) Multiple group payout sets: before you could only create one set of payouts in “group payouts”.  Now you can enter up to 5 sets of payouts to better handle different types of events (such as Stud where payouts are based on 8 players to a table rather than 9 or 10 for Holdem).

2) Flights: Flights was significantly changed so that you can now enter multiple day 1’s (1A, 1B, etc.)  and the clock will keep track of the number of entries, rebuys, etc.  It will not display any prize information until you run Day 2 when it will accumulate all of the Day 1 flights into one.  (You can also have flights for Day 2 and beyond if it is a particularly large event).

3) Networking: You can now store all of your clock data in one place on your network (which is much more convenient for backups).  Each individual PC that is running a clock can share that data.  This means you could start an event on one PC, then later switch to another PC and the event would continue from exactly where you left it.  You can also restart any previous event from where it last ended (in previous releases only the last event you ran was remembered).  So for example if you have an event that continues the next day, you could run other events in the meantime and it would still remember the 2 day event.

4) Clock 2 running on the same PC is now fully upgraded to the features of the main clock, including remembering where it was last stopped.

5) Color change is now available for the prize payout display to make for a more pleasing look to the clock screen.

6) Mixed events such as H.O.R.S.E. can now loop on each game in each level.  So, for example, if you are running HORSE and Level 1 is set for 30 minutes, but the game changes every 8 hands, then the countdown clock will run as normal, but the display will show each of the 5 games for 5 seconds each, in rotation during that level.  Also Badugi has been added as a mixed game option.

7) Bounties can now be included when setting up events.

8) All known bugs have been fixed.

Upgrade Pro Edition to Version 5.0

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